I’m 4 Transportation Options

You Can Make a Difference

Let your voice be heard! Join us in making a difference to enhance the quality of life for all Idahoans. When we work together to advance transportation in Idaho, we also improve the local economy, health and environment.

More Options Means Better Lifestyles

Public transportation provides Idahoans options to get to work, school, appointments, and even visits with friends or family. In addition, the growing population of older Americans in rural communities depends on local transit systems for access to essential services as well as to enjoy active lifestyles. More than half of non-driving Americans 65 and older stay home because they lack transportation options.

Improving Transportation Means Improving Idaho’s Economy

Improving transportation has a major effect on our local economy. For every $1 invested in public transportation projects, $5-$9 is generated in local economic impact (Source: American Public Transportation Association). Residential, commercial or business real estate near public transportation are valued more highly than similar properties not located near transit. In addition to improving the state’s economy, you can take advantage of a tax benefit if you commute by bike – which can save you up to $20 per qualified bicycle commuting monthly - or public transit which can save you up to $125 per month.

Better Health for You and Your Family

We all want to be healthy. Unfortunately, biking and walking in America has decreased substantially over the last 40 years, while obesity rates for adults and children have skyrocketed (Source: Public Policy and Obesity: The Need to Marry Science with Advocacy, Wang and Brownell, 2005). We can enjoy a healthier lifestyle by providing alternate modes of transportation, like public transit, walking and riding bikes. In addition, traffic congestion and road rage causes stress which contributes to heart attacks and strokes. However, when you share the ride, you can text, email, catch up on work, read or just relax.

Creating a Cleaner Environment

As our population grows so does the traffic congestion, pollution, and health problems. Growth helps our local economy, but we also need to preserve our environment. Mass transit produces 95% less carbon monoxide, 45% less carbon dioxide and 48% less nitrogen oxide per passenger per mile, improving our air quality. Investing in public transportation helps keep Idaho clean and beautiful.

We are Stronger Together

Our goal is to create a strong united voice of Idahoans to send a message and educate our elected officials about the numerous benefits of improving public transportation and mobility in Idaho. Encourage your family, friends and coworkers to support transportation options through I’m 4 Transportation options so that together we can work to make a difference.