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  • Ask family, friends, and coworkers to also support public transportation in Idaho. We need as many people as possible to step forward and support public transportation before more routes and service are cut.


There are a variety of ways to partner as an organization. The following are some ideas to get you started.

    Steps to Take:

  • Invite your employees and/or members (and their families and friends) to join. We need all the help we can get supporting transit in Idaho.
  • Consider placing a story about I’M 4 CTAI in your newsletter. We will even write it for you… email your request and we will revert with a story that ties in your organization.
  • Invite us to speak or present to your members and/or to exhibit at your break room.
  • Post info on your web site.
  • We would like to include a mention of your organization in an upcoming CTAI e-newsletter and would like to invite you to forward copies to your electronic databases.

Transportation Agencies

We strongly urge agencies to take an active role in helping to promote I’M 4 CTAI. The agency that signs up the largest percentage of their ridership will be distinguished with an award at the >CTAI 2011 Conference in Sun Valley, Idaho.

    Steps to Take:

    We need your help recruiting your agency employees. The job they help save, may be their own. Invite your employees and their families and friends to go online at and join or to go to and click “like”.

  1. Invite your riders to join us. Here are some ideas to reach riders:
    • Please help us advertise I’M 4 CTAI as public service announcements on board your vehicles, at bus stops etc. We will provide you with artwork of any specification for interior/exterior signage, rack cards, etc. Contact Elsa MacDonald for more information. We have a limited number of printed rack cards available.
    • Promote this campaign on your web site, social media pages, newsletter, etc. We can provide you with ready copy and links.
  2. Work with us to invite your local stakeholders such as Chambers of Commerce, elected officials, businesses whose employees ride transit, etc. to get involved.

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In support of transportation solutions that create jobs, help the environment, and provide me with an alternative to fighting traffic congestion.

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