APTA’s Passenger Transport newsletter reported that members of the House/Senate Conference Committee on the Surface Transportation Authorization (S.1813.H.R. 4348) met for the first time on May 8, meeting primarily for conference committee members to make opening statements. The deadline for resolution has been set for June 30 which places conferees in a tight time crunch as there are many issues involved in the bill and a limited number of legislative days available to reach consensus and send a bill to the President. Passenger Transport reports that, “Staff from the respective committees of jurisdiction on both sides of Capitol Hill have begun to schedule meetings, and many issues -- including the scope of discussions -- are still being worked out. In addition to transportation-related provisions, the House passed bill includes a provision on approval of the Keystone XL pipeline that the president has opposed.” This past week, APTA sent a letter to conferees outlining its views on transit-related issues that are based on its authorization recommendations. Click here to view the letter: Letter to Conferees.



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