Tell ITD Not to Cut Funding for Walking and Biking!


The new federal transportation bill, MAP-21, became law on October 1st. Some components of the bill are left up to state transportation departments to decide how to direct funding. This means the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) will be looking at how to prioritize the funding available in the new transportation bill for projects such as bike lanes and sidewalks. Funding projects like these are a great way for ITD to meet their goals of Your Mobility, Your Safety, and Your Economic Opportunity.

If you care about having safe commuting options that include bike lanes and sidewalks and ensures kids can walk and bike to school safely, now is the time to contact the Idaho Transportation Department.

Here’s what you could say:

1. Let them know you support their goal of having the “safest transportation system possible” and you support continued funding for walking and biking programs, like Safe Routes to Schools and Transportation Alternatives.

2. Tell them why you support these programs - are you a bicycle commuter? Does your child walk or bike to school? Have you ever walked to a destination where you felt unsafe?

3. THANK ITD for all the wonderful Transportation Enhancements projects funded throughout the state or for your particular community!

4. Tell ITD that you CHOOSE to walk and bike as your transportation mode of choice!

How to deliver your comments to ITD:

You can send your comments in an email or a letter format to Carla Anderson –  Please address your email or letter to “Idaho Transportation Board”.

The Idaho Transportation Board will be discussing this topic at their October and November Board meeting. So, don’t delay! Your input is very valuable!

Thanks for your continued support for transportation options in Idaho!



Heather Wheeler
CTAI Executive Director
Twitter: @hmwheeler8410


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