RideShare Week Employer Challenge Winners Announced


CTAI hosted the first annual Idaho RideShare week from October 7th to the 13th. During that week, businesses around Idaho competed in the Employer Challenge and encouraged their employees to leave their cars at home and take the bus, carpool, vanpool, and bike or walk to work.

13 employers logged their commutes using an alternative transportation option and removed more than 37,000 single occupant vehicle miles from Idaho roads!


The top firms in each category were:

-       Small business: INSIGHT architects, p.a. (http://www.insightarchitects.com/)

-       Medium business: Idaho Department of Environmental Quality,  (http://www.deq.idaho.gov/)

-       Large business: Boise VA Medical Center (http://www.boise.va.gov/)

-       Extra-large business: The City of Boise (http://www.cityofboise.org)


“By participating, INSIGHT architects, p.a., the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, the Boise VA Medical Center and the City of Boise showed their employees the many benefits of commuting by alternative transportation, from reducing wear and tear on their vehicle and shrinking their personal carbon footprint, to saving money on gas. Sharing rides can also increase wellness, productivity and retention; creating a benefit to the employee, the company, and the community. CTAI commends these businesses for being socially and environmentally responsible and doing their part to keep Idaho clean and beautiful.”

Follow this link to view the full release: http://i-way.org/announcements/idaho-rideshare-week-employers-challenge-winners-announced


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