Public Transit Ridership Up in Third Quarter


Nationally 2.6 billion trips were taken on public transit in the third quarter of 2011 according to APTA's quarterly ridership report. This is a two percent increase over the same quarter last year -- almost 52 million additional trips. This reflects an increase in ridership across the board on all modes and marks the first year since 2008 with growth in each of the first three quarters of the year.

"This increase in ridership shows that Americans want more transportation choices and will use public transportation if it is available in their community," said APTA President & CEO Michael Melaniphy. "Also, transit agency investments are paying off, resulting in riders experiencing a higher level of quality service."

The ridership report was featured on a front page story in the Dec. 8 edition of USA Today and also featured in another story in the same edition on how people are using public transit as a way to save money when commuting to their jobs .


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