Obama Calls for Increased Investment in Transportation Infrastructure


Reprinted from AASHTO Journal

President Barack Obama used his proclamation of National Transportation Week to call for the nation to "do more" when it comes to developing a transportation network that is safer, more energy efficient, more environmentally sustainable, and offers more transportation choices to Americans.

The White House issued the proclamation last Friday ahead of this week's recognition of National Transportation Week. Highlighting the importance of the nation's transportation infrastructure -- and of the men and women who build, maintain, and utilize it -- Congress approved in 1962 the creation of National Transportation Week to be celebrated every mid-May.

"Maintaining the transportation networks that earlier generations bequeathed to us is a challenge, and we must do more than preserve the status quo," the president proclaimed. "As we celebrate the legacy of our nation's transportation arteries, we recognize the world is now more connected and more competitive than ever before. New companies around the world look for the fastest and most reliable ways to move people and goods. To attract new businesses to our shores, we must rebuild crumbling roads and bridges and continue to invest in the modernization of our infrastructure. We must repair our highways, reengineer our railroads into high speed rail networks, and ready ourselves for the next revolutionary breakthroughs in transportation technology."

Obama also emphasized the importance of making the transportation system more environmentally friendly.

"We must provide increased transportation options that cut commuting time, ease traffic congestion, reduce oil consumption, lower greenhouse-gas emissions, and expand access to job opportunities and housing that American families can afford," the president wrote. "Together, we can continue the work started by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to maintain a world class logistics network, create new jobs, and win the future for our children."

The presidential proclamation is available at http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2011/05/13/presidential-proclamation-national-defense-transportation-day-and-nation


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