Nationwide Support Grows for Transit


As lawmakers identify levels and sources of funding for transit, an article released on shows that people continue to support investments in transit. According to the article, since 2000, voters have supported initiatives to fund public transit through increased or renewed sales or property taxes 70% of the time. Art Guzzetti, vice president for policy at the American Public Transportation Association was quoted saying that when voters see a good option to deal with their problems, they are likely to vote “yes” for the solution.

At the local level, when voters are educated on the issues, at the time of elections they know what they would get in return of the investment and they can decide if it is worth it. For example, in North Carolina, voters in Durham County approved a half cent sales tax which is expected to generate $18.3 million annually to improve bus service and bring commuter and light rail to the area. Many other states around the country are educating the public about tax increases to help fund their transportation improvements and service and generating buy in for upcoming elections.

In Idaho, communities do not have the option to tax themselves for investments in transportation or other projects. As we see in the Local Mobility Management Planning process, and as CTAI has presented to the Governor’s Task Force on Modernizing Public Transportation, Idaho’s transportation system is in need of local or state funding to better meet the transportation needs of Idahoans. As support for transit grows nationwide, CTAI and its members need to work to grow that support within our state to be successful in meeting transportation system needs.

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