National RTAP 101 Webinar Series: Charter Service & School Transportation

This webinar provides an explanation of FTA Charter Service and School Bus Regulations for Section 5311 sub-recipients.   Join National RTAP for the second webinar of the 101 Webinar Series and learn more about Charter Service and School Transportation! 

Has your transit agency been approached by a school or community group to provide a special service?  Are you unclear whether your situation falls under an exemption or exception?  Do you need guidance on how to be compliant with FTA School Bus and Charter Service Regulations? 

Join National RTAP as they host Sarah Brodt Lenz, Greater Minnesota Public Transit Coordinator and former National RTAP Board Member, for a one-hour webinar on the basics of School Bus and Charter Service Regulations as they apply to Section 5311 sub-recipients. 

The following will be covered in the webinar: 

~Overview of the Charter Service (49 CFR Part 604) and School Bus (Part 605) Regulations 

~Explanation of key terms, like "program purpose" and "tripper service" 

~Examples of exemptions and exceptions 

~Implications for Section 5311 sub-recipients 

This webinar is the second of the National RTAP 101 Webinar Series, and it will take place on Wednesday, November 20, 2013, at 2pm Eastern/1pm Central/12pm Mountain/11am Pacific.

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