National Call-In Day on Transportation – TODAY FEBRUARY 9, 2012

09-Feb-2012 Policy Link announced this morning that, “today is the day to speak up for affordable transportation options for the millions of low-income people and communities of color who rely on public transit, walking, or biking to get to work, to the doctor's office, to school, and to the grocery store.”

They are requesting individuals and businesses from across the country to stand up in support of a better funded transportation system. Currently, funding for these critical forms of transportation is at risk, as the House Transportation bill H.R. 7 proposes that Congress strip away all investments in public transit and biking and walking infrastructure, leaving many disconnected from opportunity and creating serious stress for current systems.

“When it comes to transportation, America cannot afford to leave anyone behind,” cited PolicyLink.
Today, you can join us and a broad coalition of equity advocates in a National Call-in Day on Transportation. Contact your representatives and senators to urge them to vote NO on H.R. 7, using this special call-in number, 1-877-573-7693, and using these resources to guide your conversation.

Idaho relies heavily on transportation funding and losing funding for these efforts would leave many in need stranded – with no way to get to work or school – and would add tens of thousands of vehicles to our roads. Equitable transportation investments are essential for helping struggling Americans, and to giving a much needed boost to our nation's economy. Please contact your representatives and senators today.


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