Idaho Transportation Department Wants Your Input

26-Apr-2013 ITD is developing guidance on how to award and administer funds to local communities for projects both on and off the highway system.  The ITD Transportation Performance division crafted draft guidelines based on federal requirements for funding, previous program guides (including Safe Routes, Scenic Byways and Transportation Enhancement), and input from the following individuals: 
  • Jim Coleman, ITD Board Member District 1
  • Julie DeLorenzo, ITD Board Member District 3
  • Lee Gagner, ITD Board Member District 6
  • Mike Edwards, Department of Environmental Quality, CMAQ Committee
  • Terry Heslin, BLM, Scenic Byway Advisory Committee 
  • Toni Tisdale, COMPASS
  • Eric Kingston, Idaho Housing and Finance Authority, Idaho Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee
  • Lori Porreca, Federal Highway Administration
  • Elaine Clegg, Idaho Smart Growth, Safe Routes to School Committee
  • Deb Smith, CEDA, Public Transportation Advisory Committee

ITD invites you to review and comment on these guidelines, which can be found here:  While reviewing these guidelines please consider how they may impact you or one of your key stakeholders if you were to apply for funds under this program once a call for applications is released in May (hopefully).  Feel free to send this notice to your stakeholders for them to review as well. 

Please provide comments back to ITD by May 6th, 5:00 p.m. MST via the following channels: 
Mail:    C/O: PD Team
            P.O. Box 7129 
            Boise, ID, 83707

Phone: 1-800-527-7985

Fax:   208-334-4424

While it is anticipated that Community Choices for Idaho will eventually access the full range of funding sources administered by the Transportation Performance Division including but not limited to Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ), federal transit formula funds, and the ADA Pedestrian Curb Ramp Program; at present, the funding source for this program is Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP).  Federal guidance on this program can be found here:


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