Idaho Transit Tech Summit in Review


CTAI partnered with ITD to host the Idaho Transit Technology Summit in Boise, Idaho. The purpose of the Summit was to bring together interested parties to review recent technology deployments, exchange ideas and experiences, and establish the course of future transit related technology initiatives throughout Idaho. Thirty participants attended the Summit including Idaho transit providers, CTAI Mobility Managers, ITD staff, national technology vendors, and other interested parties. McFarland Management, LLC, with support from RouteMatch Software and Castlerock Consultants, conducted the Summit.

A major focus of the Summit was a comprehensive overview of the successful Idaho transit technology deployments to date, grouped within the following major technology initiatives:

• Advanced Public Transportation Systems (demand response and fixed route management software, automated vehicle location and mobile data terminals, and en-route signage)
• Traveler Information (GTFS data creation and management, 511 website and phone system, and Google Transit application)
• Mobility Management System (Idaho – Transportation, Reimbursement, Integration, and Performance System (I-TRIPS))
• Other Supporting Technologies (Rideshare Online, website and provider directory, and LINX systems)

Another major focus of the Summit was the identification and prioritization of potential future technology opportunities in each of the initiative groupings (above) and automated data sharing. A list of approximately 40 separate technology opportunities was identified.

The results of the Summit will be incorporated into the Idaho 2011 Transit Technology Plan currently being prepared. This document will be a chapter included in a larger statewide transit plan. The final Idaho 2011 Transit Technology Plan will be presented at the CTAI Conference in early October, 2011.


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