Idaho Rideshare is Growing


CTAI’s Idaho RideShare program, formerly known as Rideshare Online, is growing around the state. Several organizations like ACHD Commuteride, Mountain Rides, and the Kootenai Medical Center are a few of the organizations that have used this online resource for several years now - and the word is getting out. In southern Idaho, for example,Boise State will make Idaho RideShare available this month to its faculty, staff, and students. In eastern Idaho, Idaho National Laboratorybegan providing it as a resource to its employees and contractors this month as well. CTAI RideShare Coordinator, Suzanne Seigneur, is working hard to help businesses, agencies, and even public schools get set up on the Idaho RideShare system.

So how do you register? Visit and create a new account. Once you have created the account you can login with your Facebook and make your experience more personal. To ride match, all you do is create a trip by indicating your start and end points and select “Find a Match”. It’s that simple! You can be very specific with times, days, and preferences, like wanting to ride or drive. Then you email or call the matches that came up to set up your ride sharing days.

Idaho RideShare is not only for commuting. With football season just around the corner, save yourself some money and avoid the headache of fighting traffic and paying full price for parking. Idaho RideShare allows you to set up Event Pools to share a ride to football or other sports and special events.

Interested learning more about Idaho RideShare? Then join Suzanne for her monthly webinars dedicated to help riders and businesses learn more about this great, free resource.


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