31-May-2013 As part of the ongoing MAP-21 implementation process, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has provided funding updates and seeks comment on several important items. APTA members who wish to contribute to the APTA comment submission, in addition to submitting their own comments, are asked to provide input to APTA staff sufficiently in advance of the final deadlines in order to be considered for inclusion. 

FTA Releases Apportionments Notices

In the May 13, 2013 Federal Register, the Federal Transit Administration published the final fiscal year (FY) 2013 apportionment notice. This notice reflects the final full-year funding for MAP-21 formula programs and the 0.2 percent across the board reduction included in the CR, as well as the impact on General Funded programs (such as New Starts) of the sequestration process triggered by the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 2011. The FTA’s Federal Register Notice is found here.

Coinciding with the notice, the FTA published final apportionment tables on its website, here

Additionally in the notice, the FTA announced that it is seeking comment on a proposed Safety Apportionment Formula for State Safety Oversight Agencies. Any comments must be submitted to the FTA by June 12, 2013. The notice details how comments may be submitted to the FTA. The proposed formula allocates the MAP-21 0.5 percent takedown of 5307 funds, and an illustrative apportionment table is available here

The SSO program was authorized in section 5329 of MAP-21, as part of a broad, public transportation safety program. The FTA is looking to have a final apportionment in place later this year, following comment review and adaptation.

FTA Issues Tribal Transit Program NOFA

In the May 9, 2013 Federal Register, the FTA issued a Notice of Funding Availability for the Tribal Transit Program. The entire notice in the Federal Register is found here and details can also be found on the FTA’s Tribal Transit site

Final Guidance Issued on Categorical Exclusions

FTA and FHWA issued a final rule and joint-guidance on streamlining the National Environmental Policy Act’s environmental review process. The final guidance is available here while the rule text and past relevant documents are available on FTA’s website. For questions on this topic, please contact Kyle Bell of the APTA staff at kbell@apta.com

FTA Seeks Comments on Circulars

MAP-21 changes have necessitated an update to program circulars and the issuances of new guidance for both new and existing programs. There are a number of open dockets to which APTA urges its members submit written comments.

Formula Grant Program Circular 

The third open comment submission covers FTA’s proposed rewrite of Circular 9030.1D. This circular forms the basis for the section 5307 formula grant program. The draft circular is quite lengthy – about 150 pages or so – but it is important that the various subject matter experts at agencies review the changes. If you wish to add to APTA’s own comment submission, please contact Jim LaRusch at jlarusch@apta.com as soon as possible. Comments are due to the FTA before June 21, 2013. Details for comment submission are in the Notice of Availability of Proposed Circular and Request for Comments, available here.

The draft circular can be found in its entirety here.


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