Federal Transit Administration Seeks Comments

FTA invites you to participate in a National Online Dialogue on Transit Provider Representation in Metropolitan Planning Organizations. The new Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) law sets forth new requirements for representation of providers of public transportation in Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs). This Dialogue will provide public transportation stakeholders with an opportunity to provide comments to FTA in advance of FTA issuing policy guidance on the topic.  Comments will also be taken when the policy guidance is published in the Federal Register.  This Dialogue is free, open to the general public, and will be accessible 24/7 so that you can easily log on from work or from home. 

FTA Specifically Seeks Your Input On: 

  • The relationships or interactions between transit providers and the MPO in your region today (board level representation, advisory committee participation, etc.). How is this effective in advancing transit priorities in MPO planning and investment decisions?  How could it be improved? 
  • How are transit providers represented in the MPO organizational structure(s) in your region and how does this structure support the advancement of transit investments?
  • What should FTA take into account when defining the range of transit providers that should be represented at the MPO, particularly in regions with multiple providers of public transportation? 
  • Under MAP-21, providers of public transportation are expected to be represented on MPO boards as voting members. How does this impact your current MPO organization and structure? Please describe any opportunities or challenges this may impose on your policies, practices, and decision making processes.
The dialogue will run from March 4- March 25, 2013.  To join the conversation, click here: http://transitmpo.ideascale.com/   You may register using the button on the top right. 

Who Should Participate? 
  • Transit agencies
  • MPOs
  • Local governments
  • States
  • Non-profits and transit advocacy groups
Why Should I Participate?
We want to hear from stakeholders who have experience and knowledge of current transit provider representation in MPOs and who will be affected by the new requirement.  No one knows better the challenges faced by transit providers and Metropolitan Planning Organizations than those people working daily to keep America moving; share that insight with us. Your thoughtful responses will help to ensure that FTA’s policy guidance on this issue is clear and straightforward.  

How Can I Participate?

Give us an idea, comment on someone else’s idea or vote on someone else’s idea, or comment. There are lists of questions that can guide your initial thoughts, but any feedback on Transit Provider Representation in MPOs is welcome!

You may register online at any time between March 4 and March 25. Once registered, you may add your recommendations, observations, vote on others’ comments, and add your comments to other posts.

To learn more, visit http://transitmpo.ideascale.com/.

What Happens to the Information Captured in the Dialogue?

Once the online dialogue has closed, you will be able to receive a report highlighting the full range of comments and suggestions. This information will help to guide us in the preparation of the policy guidance.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience with FTA.


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