District 3 Mobility Manager Position is Now Open!

09-Jun-2010 As the statewide association, the Community Transportation Association of Idaho (CTAI) will employ six District Mobility Managers. CTAI has posted the District Mobility Manager position for the District 3 on their website or you can download the position HERE. The application deadline for this position is Friday, June 25th. This position is open to anyone interested, including current coordinators and managers.

As advocates and facilitators, District Mobility Managers work to bring together key community leaders, transportation providers, planning organizations and other agencies in an effort to provide coordination and partnership opportunities. Because of the distinct differences in each transportation district, it is important to have District Mobility Managers that understand the challenges, opportunities, and unique transportation needs of local communities.

To see what area district three covers you can follow this LINK

If you are interested in learning more about the District Mobility Manager position or CTAI, please contact CTAI at info@ctai.org or call at (208) 344-2354.


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