CTAI's RideShare Program Celebrates RideShare Week!


Contact: Suzanne Seigneur, sseigneur@ctai.org

BOISE, Idaho – With the rising cost of gas and the desire to ‘go green,’ ridesharing has become much more prevalent and practical. CTAI’s Idaho Rideshare program is a free, online resource that helps commuters find the right person to share a ride by creating a carpool or vanpool through http://idahorideshare.org.

This year, CTAI will celebrate Idaho’s first annual RideShare week October 7-13th! Individuals and businesses are encouraged to participate, even just one day during that week.

Commuters across Idaho that rideshare (carpool, vanpool), take transit, bike, or walk to work just 1 day between October 7th - 13th, are eligible to win prizes. Idahoans must simply register on Idahorideshare.org and log their commute in the calendar to win.

Businesses can participate in the Employer Challenge as well. If they win, the businesses will be promoted state-wide for being socially and environmentally responsible and their employees will gain an extra chance to win.

Gift cards will be drawn every day that week and awarded throughout the state.

Idaho Rideshare allows users to map out their travels, from a weekly schedule for work, a special event, – like a BSU sports game – or a one-time trip across the state.  Once mapped out, users can select preferences on who they’d like to ride with, if they’d like to drive, and times for when they’d like to depart or arrive. As soon as the trip is created, Idaho Rideshare finds individuals with similar travel schedules and compares their routes until the best match is found. 

Data has shown sharing rides can increase employee wellness, productivity and retention; creating a benefit to the employee and the company.  Employees also reduce cost associated with driving their own vehicle and can receive monthly tax benefits. 

“By changing your commuting habits even one day a week, you can save money, reduce wear and tear on your car and shrink your personal carbon footprint by 20 percent,” Wheeler said. “We encourage Idahoans to participate in the challenge next week and continue using it as a regular part of their commute!”

For more information on Idaho RideShare, visit the program website at: www.IdahoRideShare.org


CTAI is dedicated to creating partnerships, improving efficiencies, and building a transportation system that supports all modes of travel. CTAI oversees a variety of programs and works closely with local citizens, transportation providers, and community leaders to improve transportation options throughout the great state of Idaho. 


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