CTAI Receives Funding to Develop a One-Click Resource for Veterans


Heather Wheeler
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CTAI Receives Funding to Develop a One-Click Resource for Veterans
Transportation Options for Idaho’s Communities 

Boise, Idaho, 11/10/2011 — The Federal Transit Association (FTA) awarded more than $500,000 to the Community Transportation Association of Idaho (CTAI) and three other Idaho agencies to develop one-call, one-click resources that will provide veterans and their families greater access to transportation options making it easier for them to obtain medical, DAV and other necessary services upon completion of their service to the country. 

Senator Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) wrote the U.S. Department of Transportation, urging support for the grant. “Many Idaho veterans live in rural and suburban communities with limited transportation services while many of the services are concentrated in cities and urban areas,” Crapo said. “The One Call and One Click information system resulting from this project will help connect veterans and their families to the transportation options available in their communities and throughout the state.”

CTAI was awarded funding to develop a One Click online information system that will allow veterans or those assisting veterans to identify transportation options provided by transit agencies, social service agencies, and other non-profit agencies within their communities and throughout the state. In addition, through a partnership with Operation Military Family, this system will provide information via a veteran specific smart phone application so that a veteran can access the information no matter where they are in Idaho.

“Often transportation is the missing link when it comes to connecting our veterans to the services they need upon the completion of their service to our country. We hope that this resource will help to close that gap wherever possible,” said Heather Wheeler, CTAI Executive Director. She added “We, along with all of CTAI’s members, are very excited to have the opportunity to serve Idaho’s veterans and their families through a One-Click resource on I-way.org.”

As part of the grant, VRT received funding for a One Call information system that will build on the existing demand-response scheduling system currently deployed by each transit provider in the state. They hope to incorporate veteran and social service agencies in search of transportation for veterans and other clients through a single portal. Kootenai County received funding to install basic scheduling software and hardware to the new demand response transportation service  in the county, bringing them up to the same level as the providers in the rest of the state. This coordination will enable veterans across the state to access demand response service and will allow area providers to participate in One Click and One Call projects.

For more information from CTAI contact Heather Wheeler, Executive Director, at 208.344.2354.
For more information from Senator Crapo’s office contact Lyndsay Nothern at 334-1776.

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The Community Transportation Association of Idaho is the statewide membership association that advocates for and empowers individuals and communities to develop transportation systems they need for economic vitality and quality of life. CTAI’s vision is that transportation options are a core element of the transportation systems that promote vibrant, healthy and economically sustainable communities in Idaho


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