City of Moscow will operate commuter vans


By Stephanie Hale-Lopez
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MOSCOW - Starting Thursday, the City of Moscow will take over operations of the VanPool program, managed by the Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute.

PCEI has successfully managed the program for more than 16 years.

"PCEI actually incubates programs and when they're big enough they're taken on by somebody else, or they go out and make their own way into the world basically," said Moscow's Assistant to the City Supervisor Jen Pfiffner. "So with the City of Moscow, the van program has grown to a point where PCEI felt it was time to turn that over and the City of Moscow is taking it on, as we own the vans. So now we'll be taking that one van program that PCEI did such a great job with and we're going to expand it to three vans."

The three vans managed by the city include a 15-passenger one that travels from Lewiston to Moscow, an 8-passenger for a Moscow to Lapwai route and a 7-passenger van that's being considered for a Kendrick or Potlatch to Moscow run. There's limited seating, so you are encouraged to contact the city to reserve a seat early.

"The people who take advantage of the VanPool really seem to enjoy it," said Pfiffner. "I mean, the benefits are pretty considerable and when you take into consideration your insurance company may also provide a benefit if you're not using your personal vehicle for a daily commute. We're also building in some other incentives that should keep our ridership loyalty there and maybe recruit a few new riders as well."

The current monthly rate for the Lewiston to Moscow route is $120 per rider, which is about the cost of gas for someone driving a vehicle getting 25 mpg.


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