Bus riders may contact transit providers through Idaho's 511 phone system


BOISE - Bus riders throughout Idaho can access public transit provider information online and by calling Idaho's 511 Traveler Services system, the Idaho Transportation Department announced.

A recent upgrade to the 511 telephone system gives callers the ability to identify their location, select a preferred transit provider and then be connected directly to that provider for bus schedule and route information.

To access the service, callers should dial 5-1-1 and then select menu option number four when prompted.

"The transit feature allows bus riders to be directly transferred to the transportation service provider they are interested in," explained Randy Kyrias, ITD Division of Public Transportation administrator. "As a result, Idaho's 511 Traveler Services system is a more complete tool for helping move Idahoans, whether they choose to ride the bus or drive."

The service connects to 12 of Idaho's transit providers: Citylink, Coeur d'Alene; START Bus, Teton Valley; Northwestern Trailways; Pocatello Regional Transit; Targhee Regional Public Transportation; North Idaho Community Express; Regional Public Transportation Inc.; Valley Regional Transit; Treasure Valley Transit; Salt Lake Express; Lewiston Transit; and Mountain Rides.

The effort is a step toward providing the state's public transportation users with phone-based transit information.

In addition to the phone system improvements, the recently launched 511 transit website at 511.idaho.gov links web users to comprehensive information for seven of Idaho's 12 transit providers participating in the telephone system.

The seven transit providers providing information on the Web are Citylink, START Bus, Northwestern Trailways, Pocatello Regional Transit, Targhee Regional Public Transportation, North Idaho Community Express and Regional Public Transportation Inc.

Information for all 12 transit providers will be available on the Web by the end of the year.

"Having transit information available via 511's phone system and website provides an opportunity for people around Idaho to explore the use of alternate modes for their daily mobility and transportation needs," Kyrias said.

For more information about Idaho's effort to improve mobility options, visit www.i-way.org.


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