Boise State Public Policy Center Reviews Public Transit in Boise/Nampa

06-Apr-2012 Last week, a report by the Brookings Institute explored public transit systems of the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. Using their analysis, Boise State compared public transit in the Boise/Nampa system to those of other American cities.

According to the analysis, “A barrier to improving the current situation is that local governments in Idaho do not have the ability to tax residents to provide a ‘good’ public transit system – even when the citizens are willing. A local option tax would allow for local governments to create and maintain a system to move more people where and when they need to go – without adding cars on our roads.”

The report goes on to state that in 2008, 56% of Idahoans reported that they would support granting cities and counties local option tax authority, a finding consistent with prior years’ findings.

CTAI agrees that with the growth in the Treasure Valley, Boise and Nampa must increase the capacity of the public transit system to reduce traffic congestion. The analysis further states that, “Employers and citizens should support these efforts to create better public transit– and a local option tax – for the greater good. The many benefits to our communities are clear.”

To view the full analysis, click here.

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