Drop Proposed Changes to the House Rules Regarding the Highway Trust Fund

Monday, December 27, 2010
Under current House rule, members may not offer a bill, joint resolution, amendment or conference report that reduces spending levels for highway, highway safety, and public transportation below the funding amounts that are specified in the authorization law (in this case, extensions of SAFETEA-LU). This rule holds regardless of the source of the revenues that support those spending levels.

In the House Rule package for the 112th Congress, Republicans propose to change this current rule. The change would eliminate the provisions which require appropriation funding for highways and transit to be identical to levels set in the authorizing law. This would create opportunities for user fees and transit general fund resources to be used for non-transportation purposes. For example, the new rule would allow members to offer amendments to direct highway and transit resources to other purposes, such as deficit reduction.

As you may recall from the Governor’s Task Force on Modernizing Transportation Funding December 2010 report, Idaho’s transportation system has a significant funding shortfall of more than $400 million. This proposed House Rule could lower the federal funding Idaho receives for transportation making the funding shortfall for highways and public transportation even larger.

CTAI is working alongside transportation providers, community leaders, and local citizens to improve mobility options in Idaho. We ask for everyone's support to drop the proposed changes to the House Rules regarding the Highway Trust Fund from the final package would significantly benefit Idaho’s transportation system and the Idaho citizens.

"Public Transportation is a Necessary Component to Transportation Efficiency"

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Governor’s Task Force on Modernizing Public Transportation concluded its recommendations to Governor Butch Otter on Wednesday, November 23. Among the Task Force conclusions was that, “Public transportation is a necessary component to transportation efficiency.” Although no new funding will be generated from the implementation of user fees until Idaho’s economy improves, it is a great success that Public Transportation has been highlighted as a need. CTAI will continue to communicate with local elected officials and state legislators to keep Public Transportation in the spotlight.

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