House Appropriations Committee Releases FY12 Transportation Funding Bill

Thursday, September 08, 2011

The House Appropriations FY2012 Transportation Funding Bill was released today. The amount appropriated for state and local bus grants is an estimated 37% decrease from the current funding level ($5.2 billion FY2012 compared to $8.3 billion in FY2011).

As a state that relies heavily on federal transportation funding, the communities in Idaho will be deeply impacted by the proposed cut to our public transportation systems. This decrease will lead to severe reductions in transportation services for many individuals across the state and will equate to a loss of thousands of jobs. With high gas prices, a slow economy, and increased ridership, now is not the time to implement cuts to the public transportation systems in Idaho.

We have asked Congressmen Simpson and Labrador to continue to work for a transportation appropriation bill that will put Americans back to work, provide businesses with relief from the costs of congestion and the insecurity of unreliable, inadequate infrastructure. And,we have encouraged them to use their leadership to move forward a bill that increases public transportation investment or at the very least, maintains current funding levels.

It is critical for you to contact Congressman Simpson and Congressman Labrador to help them understand what a 37% decrease in funding would look like for citizens in Idaho. And, to encourage them to support a higher formula level with a new, multi-year authorization bill. You can find the contact information for the Idaho Congressional Delegation through the respective links below:

Congressman Simpson: http://simpson.house.gov/Contact/  

Congressman Labrador: http://labrador.house.gov/index.cfm?sectionid=3  

-Heather Wheeler, CTAI Executive Director