How much time do you waste on your Commute?

Friday, February 22, 2013

By the year 2020, you can expect your commute to eat up another 7 hours per year and to burn through 6 more gallons of gas annually. 

A new report on America's congestion was developed by Texas A & M drawing from data compiled by Inrix, the leading traffic information and driver services hub. This report clearly indicates that our traffic situation, already bad, is only going to get worse. 

Increasing traffic numbers are not necessarily a direct result of population growth, Robert Miles, the region 2 traffic operations engineer at the Utah Department of Transportation says. “Each one of us travels more vehicle miles per year. People are just driving more every day... It’s not always as simple as add more lanes, add more lanes,” Miles said. “We have to be more creative and smarter than that.”

The A & M Report shows that cities whose travel times ranked lowest can attribute their successes to several factors including: Carpool Lanes, Public Transit lines, and even metered freeway on-ramps. Clearing crashes quickly and efficiently, and diverting traffic cleverly in the case of construction are crucial efforts as well, but the truest benefits can be seen in communities who responsibly plan for and encourage mass transit, alternative forms of transportation like walking or biking, and ridesharing.

HOV Lanes Bill for Idaho's Metropolitan Areas Dies in Committee

Friday, February 25, 2011

Rep. Phyllis King presented a bill that would allow most Idaho communities to introduce High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes to the House Transportation and Defense Committee earlier last week. The intent of this bill was to allow the metropolitan areas of the state to create and access the HOV lane and to allow ITD maintenance vehicles performing maintenance to access these lanes. Under current law, HOV lanes are restricted to counties with a populations of less than 25,000. CTAI Executive Director, Heather Wheeler, testified in support of the bill as this is one tool which can improve mobility in Idaho. Details of the bill can be found at this link. http://bit.ly/hTs2rd

Although the House Transportation and Defense Committee voted 10-5 to hold the bill in Committee, Ms. Wheeler will continue to work with committee members to obtain an understanding of their concerns regarding HOV lanes and to educate them on the positive impact HOV lanes have on the overall transportation system.