Tips for Beating the Heat on Your Bike Commute

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

If you've taken the plunge and started commuting to work by bike then you're doing something awesome for your health, for the environment, and for your community. But there is no denying that bicycle commutes come with some challenges, especially during the summer.

Portland, a bike-friendly city, featured some ways to beat those summer heat challenges on Oregon Live.

The article suggests "treating your body like a finely tuned machine." It stresses the importance of drinking water (twice as much as normal) and finding a shady, cool route for your commute.

The article also suggested slowing down, which went hand-in-hand with tips to go in to work earlier and leave later in order to take advantage of cooler temperatures in the early morning and early evening.

One of the most useful tips involved the clothing that you wear during your ride, however.

You may have an almost spiritual connection with that "Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge 2009" T-Shirt, but it's probably not the best option for riding in high heat...You see, cotton tends to soak up your sweat and will eventually make you feel even hotter...[try] synthetic fibers specifically designed for exercise in hot conditions such as polyesters, micro-fibers, and even ultra-thin wool.

CTAI wants you to be safe this summer, so be sure to follow all of these tips. Heat stroke is a serious condition, and one that might send you right back to your car. Instead of giving up in defeat, you can simply anticipate heat problems and prevent them now by doing a little bit of extra planning.