The Impact of a Transit Strike

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The San Francisco transit strike is instructive when it comes to talking about the very real impact of public transit. Last week, Bloomberg.com estimated that the transit shutdown in put 400,000 people back on the road.

Traffic was reported to be downright unbearable. The article comments were perhaps as instructive as the article itself:

"The traffic this morning was crazy. It's not like traffic wasn't bad around the Bay Area normally, but this was just way worse. As a community we've got to look at different ways to get to work. Alternatives like real-time ridesharing can be transformative for the Bay Area. There are just too many single occupancy drivers." - Robert Collins 

Of course, here in Idaho we don't have population numbers to match the Bay Area. However, that doesn't mean that we should not be evaluating the number of single occupancy drivers on our own roads.

For example, we have 120,000 Treasure Valley Drivers who spend 1-2 hours in gridlock every single day. The costs of this gridlock add up, costing drivers approximately $350 a year in wasted gas and $1,160 a year in lost productivity.

Fortunately, we've also made positive steps towards getting single occupancy drivers off the road. For example, we have our own free Rideshare matching service. To take advantage of it, visit www.idahorideshare.com

And if you live near a bus route or safe bike route, consider taking advantage of them. Together, we can help solve gridlock problems, creating safer, cleaner, and far more pleasant communities.