Organic Transit Re-Images the Electric Bike

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

They're called Organic Transit Vehicles, or OTVs. They're like bikes, only better.

OTVs are pedal-solar-electric vehicles. They get about 1,800 miles to the gallon. 

You can see them in action by visiting this Tech Crunch video.

There are two models. The ELF commuter version weighs about 95 pounds and can handle about 350 pounds of cargo. If you choose the "truck" version you can haul 800 pounds of cargo. 

Both models include electric-assist features that can get drivers up tough hills with their haul and which can spare bicycle commuters the stress over sweat.

The OTVs also include other car-like features such as headlights, tail lights, turn signals, adjustable seats, and breaks. You can ride them anywhere that a bike is legal.

Recharging them takes about 2 hours of parked, uninterrupted sunlight. Take one to work and it will be more than ready for you by the time you're done with your day.

As the founder said in the video, there's no license, title, or insurance to worry about. There's also no gas to contend with, which means that using an OTV will mitigate about 20,000 pounds of CO2 every single year.

These little vehicles are available for pre-order. The Kickstarter campaign ended at the end of December 2012, which means the OTVs will be available for delivery very soon. You'll need a $500 deposit to pre-order.

The OTVs cost about as much as a used car, but without the monthly upkeep costs. You might have to repair a bike tire every now and then, but that's about it.

This might just be the "gap" vehicle for people who have avoided a bike commute due to concerns about getting sweaty or being exposed to the elements. It's also great for people who have avoided bikes primarily because of a need to haul stuff around.