Walking to Public Transit Boosts Exercise!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Do you have trouble fitting in your recommended amount of daily exercise? What if it was just another part of your routine? This is another great reason to love your commute by transit! 

The American Journal of Public Health boasts, "Walking [is] associated With Public Transit... [We're] moving toward increased physical activity in the United States." In order for an individual to get to that bus or train they're trying to catch, they must walk! And, depending on how timely you are, that walk is sometimes rather brisk. Regardless of your pace, however, a study by the US Department of Transportation, utilizing data collected by a telephone survey, found that "Transit walkers in large urban areas with a rail system were 72% more likely to transit walk 30 minutes or more per day than were those without a rail system." With 2012 boasting the highest numbers of transit users ever, except for 2008, we can confidently assess that use of mass transit is not only here to stay, but continuing to flourish with higher ridership, better planning, and likely the best maintenance and comfort level for riders yet. The AJPH continues, "From 2001 to 2009, the estimated number of transit walkers rose from 7.5 million to 9.6 million (a 28% increase); those whose transit-associated walking time was 30 minutes or more increased from approximately 2.6 million to 3.4 million (a 31% increase)." 

Mass transit already supports our community development in so many ways; isn't it great to know that it's aiding the physical health of our communities as well? Recognizing this bonus, the AJPH summarizes, "Transit walking contributes to meeting physical activity recommendations, ...potentially influencing transportation planning decisions." It's exciting to think that our community planning efforts in the future may be supported, not only be increased support for mass transit, but by creating a truly walkable area in which our communities can flourish.