Transit Ridership in 2012 Second Highest of All Time

Friday, March 15, 2013

For a variety of reasons, from concerns over pollution to enjoying some quiet time during their commute, more people are utilizing Mass Transit, saving money on their travels, and helping ease traffic congestion by doing so.

As reported by CNN, according to a report by the American Public Transportation Association, the numbers are in for 2012. Since data collection began in 1957, 2012 ranks as the year with the second highest ridership on mass transit, coming in just below 2008. With an increase of 1.5% over 2011-- equal to about 154.3 million rides-- 2012's numbers are especially impressive considering the blows that mass transit took because of intense weather conditions including 'Superstorm Sandy', which left much of the East Coast crippled. 

What factors are influencing more consumers to utilize mass transit? The advantages are plentiful and becoming more and more obvious to cost-concerned travelers. Although many riders started using buses and trains as a way to avoid the $4+ gas prices, most stuck with the lifestyle change after realizing it also spared them from traffic and the general unpleasantness of rush hour commuting! While on a bus or train, one can read, get some work done, even take a nap. We're also seeing more communities implementing public transit and improving older systems, improving the experience just that much more. 

Mass transit seems to be gaining support from voters across the country as well. It has even been theorized that this shift in favor of public transportation may be largely attributed to younger riders, so perhaps we'll continue to see these strides in ridership. Whatever the reason behind this boost, sustaining this increased usage of mass transit can only aid in creating several factors which are beneficial to our communities: a reduction in pollution, eased congestion and less traffic, and an overall healthier demographic of people.