Mass Transit Use Up Overall, But not Everywhere

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Despite the recent good news that US ridership of public transportation was nearly record-breaking this year, the fact remains that this just isn't true everywhere. While overall usage of mass transit is improving, there are certainly markets within the United States where public transportation isn't even receiving basic care and maintenance, nonetheless being cultivated as an essential part of our communities.

Interestingly, and rather poignantly, many of the areas wherein mass transit failed to thrive were areas where legislation that would have instituted funding measures failed to pass. No one likes paying more taxes, but keeping our communities' infrastructure maintained and supported is crucial to developing neighborhoods that thrive. Sadly, in the cases of cities like Atlanta, Georgia, and Tacoma, Washington, it seems that a passing vote in favor of increases of a mere penny or a fraction of a percentage increase in sales tax would have made the difference. One can only wonder if perhaps similar votes will go differently in communities wherein transit ridership is lagging the next time around, but it seems an obvious guess that without the willingness to put into supporting and renewing our public transit, the system will continue to deteriorate and eventually will fail. For more, read the full article at The Atlantic Cities.