74% of Americans Favor Public Transportation Investments

Thursday, June 13, 2013

RTandS.com recently ran a story indicating that 74% of American citizens support using tax dollars to increase the country's public transportation infrastructure. This indicates that most Americans recognize the benefits of getting more cars off of the road.

"The results of the poll were released today during a nationwide transportation conference taking place at a center city hotel.

Former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell...told the transportation leaders that our transportation infrastructure once led the world with innovation, but it's all falling apart now."

Rendell goes on to say, quite sensibly, that public transportation is an investment. Developing the infrastructure isn't "spending" money, but putting that money to work for the country.

RTandS.com reports that the figure rises to nearly 88% when people begin talking about the concept of providing access to opportunities.

"However, public transportation scores its strongest support when discussing access to opportunities. When asked about the affordable transportation options for people, nearly 88 percent of respondents agreed that public transit expands opportunities and provides access to new jobs and careers, as well as to medical care, schools, and colleges."

There's no question that there is a pressing need to develop a 21st century infrastructure. Rising gas prices will virtually ensure that cars as we know them will eventually cease to be viable options. Car ownership is already on the decline due to a number of factors, including gas prices, concerns about the environment, and the ever-skyrocketing annual cost of ownership.

Having the infrastructure in place would make an incredible difference to both today's economy and tomorrow's economy.

The only real question is whether or not lawmakers will actually listen to their constituents, making the necessary investments that are required to create a viable, prosperous future.